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Friday, October 18, 2013

IRON-SOUL (English version)

Iron Soul

This article is for those who may wonder where Iron-Soul comes from, what it means, and most importantly what it represents. The idea behind Iron-Soul has been conceived as the result of many harsh personal experiences along with concepts from great spiritual masters who have guided me and my loved ones through the path of enlightenment.

Analyzing the meaning of this two words we find that:
“Iron” is a malleable metal which has magnetic properties. At room temperature it is considered extremely rigid and dense.
Moreover, the word “soul” refers to an intangible, immaterial or ethereal entity that all living beings poses. Its description and characteristics vary greatly depending on people’s traditions, and philosophical or religious perspectives. In spanish soul is alma. Its etymology being anima in latin, signified the reason for a living being’s ability of movement. Some other words in the english language derived from anima- include animal and animate, both referring back to movement. Therefore, according to this originated meaning, all plants, animals, and humans have souls.
Benedict de Spinoza, Jewish-Dutch philosopher in the late 1600s, talked about the soul as an attribute and a divine substance.
René Descartes defined the soul as a thinking being. With conviction he affirmed “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes enclosed all his philosophical reflections into his inner world of ideas, for this reason he is considered the father of idealism.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte defined soul as knowing and acting.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel professed that the soul is the self-development of an idea.
Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling interpreted it as our mystical potential.
And Sigmund Freud defined it as the difference between the ego and the superego.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

Plotinus stated the spirit as a principal beyond comprehension. Something  to be recognized immediately and intuitively. Where the true human is an incorporeal  contemplative  capacity of the soul, and superior to all of things corporeal.
This point of view was in great discordance with the Christian religion’s version of the spirit. This states that the spirit is directly linked to God, a super natural essence susceptible to be an object of faith. In the Holy Bible Paul said: “ Our body is the temple for the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor, 3:17)

In conclusion my presumptions gravitate towards the Christian explanation of the spirit which proclaim:
The spirit is the connection to the divine, our intuition as well as our conscience.
The soul is the breath of life which feeds off of words, emotions, will power, and feelings. It is our ultimate mystical potential.
And the body houses both our soul and spirit. It is the material portion of the “I am”

Having taken all this concepts into consideration we are able to comprehend that we are much more than mere matter. The spirit and the soul connect us with our creator who has granted us the privilege to live. Its the intangible, indestructible, and immortal portion of living beings.
According to the laws of physics, energy can not be destroyed only transformed. Our soul would be the eternal energy which gave us the the breath of life. We are not just body, we are divine substance. Our body is just the vehicle which transports our soul and spirit.
Iron-Soul is a symbolic representation of the miracle of life. It is the unknown strength that lies deep within us. Is this very strength which propels us to accomplish incredible things such as inner peace, get cured from sickness, assemble the life of our dreams, and make huge physical efforts to accomplish unimaginable goals. Iron-Soul reminds me and can remind you that nothing is impossible if we believe in what we truly desire.

To have an Iron-Soul is to be strong and resistant, with the ability to adapt and magnetically attract positive things to our lives. Allowing our pain and tribulations to be our greatest professors. It is simply to recover that divine wisdom that we lost when we entered this material body.

“We are as strong as Iron if we believe in our inner power.”

Translated by Estefany Espitia (My beloved daughter )

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