Inspirate y liberate de cancer, fibromialgia, depresión, fatiga, etc. Rompe con el dolor emocional para controlar el dolor físico crónico.
Yo no acepto estas condiciones en mi cuerpo nunca más y quiero compartirte como.
Te guiaré en el camino de descubrir y confiar en tu poder interno.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


After 6 years of pain in the muscles and joints because of the fibromyalgia, it took me 6 months to get better from the moment I took the decision to change my thought patter.
Después de 6 años con dolor en los músculos y articulaciones, me tomo 6 meses para mejorar desde el momento que tome la decisión de cambiar mi forma de pensar.

This picture was taking the day of my first race. Race the troops Duathlon. Oct-18-09. Place Age group 30 to 34.
Esta foto fue tomada el día de mi primera carrera. Donde fui 2th puesto en mi categoría.

Our day to day lives present a continuous array of challenges that affect our lives. Each obstacle we stumble upon can either destroy us or make us stronger. The path one takes is a personal choice. We can deal with our difficulties and transform them into opportunities to improve and become stronger, or we can succumb against adversity. Its normal to feel like a victim of your own body. But the universal truth is that we are here on this earth to learn how to overcome pain, suffering, and ultimately find satisfaction and happiness.
When we firmly make a decision, such as getting cured, we activate a process of attraction that requires mental persistence. In this process, there should be no room for doubts. This doubts can keep us from accomplishing our goal. Once a decision to start the change is made, we commence a plan of action to achieve our goal.
In this case the goal would be to get cured from an illness. In order to do this we need to start by investigating everything about the medical condition. After this we have to research all the natural treatments available and pinpoint the specific treatments that may be better suited for us.
Natural remedies will always be a better option. They may take longer to work but, they have very positive long term results without horrible side effects. We all know that chemical medicines only masque the symptoms but do not eradicate the problem that causes the symptoms.
Fibromyalgia is treated with antidepressants and pain relieve medicines. However in my case I made the decision to not take any of this chemical medicines. I knew this medicines would not cure my illness.
So to cure an illness, 3 aspects should be considered in our plan of action. The first is to have a determined mentality, our mental state has an incredible power over our organism. The second aspect is physical activity. And the third is nutrition. Each diet should be specific for every case.
Today I want to place emphasis on the mental portion of our action plan. Because in the mind is where it all begins. We need to visualize what we want. To be constant and never lose that mental image of our goal we need to reprogram our brain by only allowing positive thoughts of success into hour head.
We need to be able to visualize our goal with such clarity that we can believe that it is already true. There are different techniques to program our minds such as: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meditation, affirmation by means of repetition of positive statements, regression, self-help books, audiovisual aids, and even watching a funny movie or listening to an upbeat song.
Its imperative to find activities that can distract our minds to keep us from thinking about the pain. Activities such as: Dance classes, sports, comedic books, and even sharing some laughters with friends and family. Find your favorite activity and practice it constantly. You will be able to forget about the pain and perhaps became skilled at something.

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Monday, February 17, 2014


El diario vivir es un continuo desfile de sucesos que afectan nuestra vida, donde cada obstáculo puede destruimos o hacernos mas fuertes. El curso a seguir es una decisión personal. Podemos tomar las dificultades como oportunidades para mejorar y ser mas fuertes o rendirnos en la tristeza.
 Es normal sentirnos como víctimas es una tendencia humana. Pero la verdad universal es que estamos aquí para aprender a traspasar el dolor y el sufrimiento, encontrar satisfacción y felicidad. Cuando tomamos cualquier decisión firme, como curar una enfermedad, estamos activando un proceso de atracción que requiere constancia mental y acción. En este proceso no puede haber cabida a la dudas ellas interrumpen el flujo del éxito.
Una vez tomada la decisión se emprende un plan de acción o camino dirigido a la meta. En este caso la meta seria curar una enfermedad. Para ello debemos investigar todo acerca de nuestra condición y buscar todo tipo de tratamientos naturales, identificando los que pueden ser convenientes para su caso especifico.
 Siempre los medios naturales serán los mejores, tal vez tomen tiempo pero los resultados son a largo plazo y no tienen efectos secundarios. Sabemos que varias de las medicinas químicas enmascaran los síntomas pero no erradican las causas de las dolencias.
En mi caso la fibromialgia es tratada con antidepresivos y medicinas para el dolor, pero e mi proceso de curación opte por descartar estas sustancias para no cubrir los resultados de mi tratamiento con falsas expectativas. En cada plan de acción se deben tomar en cuenta 3 aspectos indispensables: El primero es la decisión mental, ella es una orden que tiene poder y nosotros se la damos a nuestro organismo. El segundo aspecto es la actividad física de acuerdo a nuestras posibilidades y limitaciones. Y el tercero es la parte nutricional especifica para cada caso.
Hoy hago énfasis en la idea mental ya que ese es el comienzo del proceso y depende de la visualización en nuestra mente de esa idea. Para trabajar la visualización del objetivo en la mente es necesario reprogramar el cerebro con pensamientos de éxito. Es sentir la meta real, así el dolor nos ataque permanentemente. Existen muchas técnicas de programación mental como el NPL (Programacion Neurolinguistica), la meditación, la afirmación por medio de la repetición de frases positivas, la regresión, el uso de la literatura de autoayuda, los videos o los cds de meditación, la películas de humor, escuchar música,etc.
Es importante encontrar actividades que distraigan la mente para no enfocar los pensamientos en el dolor por ejemplo: Tomar clases de baile, deporte,lecturas positivas, compartir tiempo con gente interesante o con los seres queridos, reír reír y reír. Encuentra tu actividad favorita y practicala constantemente.
Pronto veras los resultados.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014



Sunday, February 2, 2014

ING MIAMI MARATHON (English version)

This was the perfect day for a marathon. I decided to do this race to have the experience of running without pressure, expectations or time limits. I started training about a month ago, but I was not able to be constant with my training routines due to a prolonged cold. In any case I will safe my best efforts for my main goal which is Boston Marathon. Usually, my main focus is my physical performance. I don’t take note to what happens around me during the race. In this marathon I enjoyed myself and was able to have quite an enriching experience. At the beginning of the race I was able to see the competitor’s excitement in their faces. Some of them were proudly wearing shirts from their countries. Families and supporters were holding posters with inspiring, funny and clever handwritten messages. The disabled competitors were eagerly waiting at the very front of the start line as always inspiring the rest of the competitors. It was very emotional to see the pro runners ready to give it their best. Their self confidence and serenity was a wonderful example of professionalism to me. Many competitors invaded with nervousness and excitement were ready in their corresponding sections since very early in the morning. During the race I tried to focus my mind in enjoying the moment. Each inhalation and exhalation was like medicine that cleared my thoughts. The feeling of the wind in my face and the refreshing perspiration that covered my skin, added more dimensions to my sensorial experience. I tried to make my stride more gentle and slow to feel lightness in my body. I also maintained a slower but steady pace which kept me from having fatigue like I did during the Ironman where I spent 13 hours in a state of trance. I cleared my mind and created positive thoughts from everything I would see or hear during my journey. The sound of the competitor’s feet stomping the ground, the deep breaths, the cheers in the background, the sobs of exhaustion and the different fragments of music in each corner joined together in my head to form what I thought was an orchestra. An orchestra of different cultures, and bright colors. The volunteers who were spread throughout the entire race, supported us and had a great deal of patience. This race felt more like a community with tons of partnership and support. Both the spectators and the competitors shared the passion for this sport with each other. In the very last miles started to have pain in my legs and feet. I struggled all the way through the finish line with negative thoughts, but then I remembered that life is a journey of apprenticeship. We have to enjoy the pain because it makes us stronger and wiser. I was thankful to be able to achieve a goal in the midst of pain. Congratulations to all the participants of the ING Miami Marathon 2014! If you wish to comment or contact me please e-mail to Un dia perfecto para correr una maratón. Decidí hacer esta carrera para tener la experiencia de correr sin presión, sin expectativa y sin limite de tiempo. Empece a entrenar hace un mes y no pude ser muy constante en las sesiones a causa de un resfriado de cualquier manera el objetivo es Boston Maratón y allí pondré todo mi esfuerzo.
Usualmente me concentro en mi rendimiento físico dejando de observar todo lo que ocurre a mi alrededor en una carrera. Por esta razon la maratón de hoy fue una experiencia enriquecedora.
Desde el inicio vi los competidores emocionados, vistiendo con orgullo camisetas de sus respectivos países. Familias apoyando con carteles emotivos, humorísticos e ingeniosos.
Y como siempre los competidores discapacitados listos en la linea de salida inspirando a el resto de los participantes. Fue muy emocionante ver los corredores pro, calentando y listos para dar todo de si mismos, la autoconfianza en sus caras y la serenidad son una muestra de ejemplo y profesionalismo.
Muchos invadidos por los nervios otros por la excitación de su corazón ya estaban preparados en los corrales respectivos desde muy temprano.
En el transcurso de la carrera enfoqué mi mente en disfrutar el momento presente, donde cada inhalación  y exhalación  eran medicina para aclarar los pensamientos. La sensación del viento y la frescura del sudor recorriendo la piel agregaban mas elementos  sensoriales. Trate de dar cada paso gentilmente para tratar de sentir mi cuerpo liviano como una pluma y mantuve un ritmo conservador con el corazón estable sin sentir fatiga, tal como cuando hago Ironman y puedo pasar 13 horas en un estado de trance.
Despejando la mente dedique mi atención a crear pensamientos positivos en torno a todo lo que escuche y vi.
 Los sonidos de los pies golpeando el pavimento, las respiraciones de la gente alrededor, los aplausos, las frases de apoyo, los sollozos de cansancio, la música de las diferentes estaciones de apoyo, se unieron al unísono creando la sensación de ser parte de una misma orquesta. Una orquesta de diferentes culturas, ropas de muchos colores vistosos, sonido, dedicación, esfuerzo y cooperacion.
Los voluntarios que asistieron el camino  también donaron una gran suma de paciencia y apoyo tornando   la carrera en una comunión de compañerismo y humanidad.
Expectores y participantes compartimos la pasion por el deporte regalando así amor y motivación los unos a los otros.
Ya en las ultimas millas el dolor entro en mis piernas y pies, tuve que luchar con pensamientos negativos de derrota pero ahi recorde que la vida es un aprendizaje para disfrutar el dolor pues el nos hace mas fuertes y sabios.
Di gracias por estar viva y poder experimentar el dolor con la gran satisfacción de lograr objetivos.
Felicito todos los participantes pues cada uno de ellos dejaron un pedacito de amor en mi corazón.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Lactate threshold can be determinate in the National Training Center's  Human performance Lab or in the field of the athlete's training environment. The laboratory provides a setting where sports physiologists can control external conditions, such as wind, heat, and humidity. By using a sport specific testing device, the athlete can perform in their activity while oxygen consumption  values, heart rate, EKG, rating of perceived exertion, and blood lactate can be measured. The captured data can provide the athlete and coach with valuable information to attain training heart rate ranges, target paces, or percent of maximal intensity. They have a great service  and therefore, I personally recommend this place.


Lactic acid is a metabolic by-product carbohydrate metabolism. As the active muscles use the carbohydrate fuel source, lactic acid is continually produced at rest and during exercise. Once it is formed in the muscles, it diffuses from the muscle cell into the blood, thus raising the blood lactate levels.
During rest and low intensity exercise, blood lactate levels remain at low concentration levels, below 1 mmol/L. These levels can be "cleared" or buffered and the athlete can continue at comfortable levels of training. At moderate intensities, the blood lactate levels approach 2-5 mmil/L. The concentration of blood lactate levels is the result of lactate production and removal. If production exceeds the removal, lactates levels increase.  Controversially, if removal is greater than production, levels decrease and reduce blood lactate concentration.


Lactic acid levels are obtained during incremental exercise test. At low intensities, lactate levels will be low and relatively constant, as removal is greater then production. As exercise intensities become greater, the lactate production will exceed the removal and elevation of blood lactate is observed. Lactate measurements are obtained by a simple finger stick and analyzed by the blood lactate analyzing equipment. Lactate threshold is identified when a 1 mmil/L increase in blood lactate concentration occurs above baseline values as is followed by another 1 mmol/L increase. The point at which lactate threshold occurs varies between athletes depending on such factors as fitness levels, experience in training, altitude, muscle fiber type, psychological factors, training environment and nutritional status.


- Train at higher and more precise percentage of V02 max.
- Train at a faster pace without large increases of blood lactate levels
- Train at a lower heart rate of faster pace at the same blood lactate levels
- Lower blood lactate levels at the same intensity
- Become a more "economical" performer
- Develop the neuromuscular recruitment necessary for optimal performance in the desired sport
- Create a specific training zone and training program to improve performance

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