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Friday, May 20, 2016

Ironman Texas, American Championship

Texas 2016 was my 7th Ironman and I can tell that each competition is always unique and challenging. There is not such a thing as an easy Ironman. Yesterday the dense/dark water and the lack of visibility due to the fog intimidated me but I was able to make it. Then the curves on the bike were not my specialty ☺️ but I had more than 82 turns to practice😉. Then running was very painful  against the hail and the wind, I had to hold myself on a pole for 3 minutes because of the gust that was making me fall. Some people started running back in the opposite direction because the hail and strong wind made us feel in danger, others stepped on the sides. Even that we faced all these challenges, once more I was able to bring hope to the people with chronic conditions.
 In these opportunity I had the pleasure to meet an interesting competitor who believes that the sport shouldn't be as expensive. As you see in this picture he is very creative and found the way to adjust his Bycicle and helmet in an aerodynamic way with some cardboard. He enjoys every race with a Bycicle that costs $200 dollar. Wow he is amazing. 
He works on this foot track that was the perfect healthy veggie option for me before the race. Check their Instagram.