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Friday, September 4, 2015

Ironman Muskoka 2015. My 5th Ironman fighting fibromyalgia.

It took years of planning, IRONMAN Muskoka is reality now. The already well respected IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka event will have place before, as a training of this full Ironman. 2015 is the first year and I had the privilege to participate and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, the granite and the forests that make up the Canadian landscape. It is well known by many amateur and professional triathletes,  alike the IRONMAN Muskoka and 70.3 Muskoka, the courses  of this race will take you to the lakes and rivers, the forests, the intimating hills, curves and valleys will provide a mental and physical challenge that is a true test of athletes ability. The bicycle course is named “The beast” because of the 7.297Ft of elevation gain, 7.172Ft of elevation loss plus some narrow curves. This is a very technical bike course.

After the dramatic temperature of 111F of my last Ironman in Coeur d' Alane I faced a fibromyalgia flare up. My knees, neck and hand joints had been in pain, and it seems that the only thing that alleviates me is to workout, I can’t go as fast but can do a decent job. Each day I get stronger, each day the pain leaves my body gradually. The sense of purpose gives me stamina and a great relieve, so I am proud to  have finished this race in less time than the one in Coeur d' Alane.

I was blessed to meet notorious people and please forgive me to be short to describe them because each of them will need a full article. This time I had the opportunity have dinner with 4 Ironman legends that had finished all the Ironman of the world. Their words are worth listening, it is a learning experience to share time with them. I appreciate experience and I feel lucky to meet them. 

Elizabeth Mary Model, AG winner of Ironman Maastricht. She has a sweet personality and she did an excellent  performance on this race congratulations!!!. 

Luis Alvarez is 113 times Ironman and conquered Kona several times. We participated in Ironman Coeur d’ Alane and he made it with bleeding toenails because the race he made the week before that one. 

Jeff Jonas who had finished 45 Ironman without repeating a course. He is a IBM Chief Scientist.

John Wragg completing his 192th Ironman and made it to the podium AG 3th place this time, also he went several times to Kona. 

I meet Luis Alvarez racing in Coeur d’ Alane, he is impressive. Take a look to his profile:

Thank you Luis Alvarez, your talents and positive  energy motivate the world, thank you for introduce me with this amazing people.

I made it. And I will keep bringing hope to the people that
suffer chronic conditions like thyroid, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
I am inspired by this great masters, they make me believe that the only limit is in our minds, that age doesn’t matter, that being happy and healthy is a choice. Congratulations to all of them you are making history.