Inspirate y liberate de cancer, fibromialgia, depresión, fatiga, etc. Rompe con el dolor emocional para controlar el dolor físico crónico.
Yo no acepto estas condiciones en mi cuerpo nunca más y quiero compartirte como.
Te guiaré en el camino de descubrir y confiar en tu poder interno.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Today I got this on the mail it is a reward that USA Florida Region grants to the Florida's top 100 athletes for the dedication to the sport.
Four years ago as an effect of my thyroid cancer I was suffering off  fibromialgia accompanied with a severe case of depression. This situation led me to be obligated to walk with crutches. 
One day  I had the opportunity to watch for the first time a triathlon. I was moved to tears when I saw people  of all ages and sizes finishing a race that to me seemed impossible. I got inspired to see  their effort, energy and commitment. But my hearth drooped when I saw that the biggest effort came from the disabled athletes. At that very moment I said to my self  "I will be cured and I will participate." 

I became a mother when I was 14. To jump from childhood to motherhood caused me to not know how to swim or ride a bike so I traded in games and playing for diapers and baby bottles. Without regrets I dedicated my youth to my loving daughter and my family. Now they are my biggest fans. Today at age 38. I can say I found the cure by loving life, loving duathlon, and triathlon, and ultimately understanding the concept of universal love. 
I want to share enlightening experiences and give out a voice of hope. 

 "Humans are powerful magicians. What ever you believe you are, then is what you are.And you can do that because you are Life, God , Intent.
When you know that the power of God is inside you, you accept your own Divinity, and yet you are humble, because you see the same divinity in everyone else.You see how easy is to understand   God because everything is a manifestation of God.
Your body is a temple, a living temple where God lives. Your mind is a living temple where God lives. God is living within you as life. The proof that God lives within you is that you are alive. Your life is the proof.
When you love with no conditions, you align with the Spirit of  Life moving through you.
Your Life becomes the expression of the beauty of the spirit. Life is nothing but a dream and if you create your life with love  your dream becomes a masterpiece of art".
           Don Miguel Ruiz.

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