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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hiking and swimming in Tayrona Park. Colombia, South America.

Tayrona park is one of the natural treasures of Colombia. The hiking is challenging and will take you through different kind of landscapes according with the level of altitude. It will take around 6 hours, 10 miles and 45.000 steps if you start from Calabazo, then the route will take you to beach Pueblito. Once you get to Pueblito you will see the montains from where you descended then hike alone the cost line which is so beautiful.

This is a fisher village named Taganga, one of the options to spend the night when you want to visit Tayrona Park.
This is the view from 1388ft of elevation in Calabazo the starting point.
Once you get to the route it will be magical because every turn will show you  a new view.

It was very challenging. These are the houses of the actual Indians that remain in the region.
This is Pueblito and It's beautiful coast. Where we had the opportunity to swim with colorful fishes around us.

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