Inspirate y liberate de cancer, fibromialgia, depresión, fatiga, etc. Rompe con el dolor emocional para controlar el dolor físico crónico.
Yo no acepto estas condiciones en mi cuerpo nunca más y quiero compartirte como.
Te guiaré en el camino de descubrir y confiar en tu poder interno.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Philadelphia marathon

Philadelphia marathon was the result of working on my inner self, my mind and my body non stop. During and after the pandemic I wasn’t able to run the way I did last Sunday. I thought I lost the ability to do so. But once again I confirmed that we all have an Ironsoul which people from other cultures call it other names such as Prana, Chi, Faith, Superior Power, Divine spirit or just Love.  Ironsoul to me and my students is our higher power that goes beyond our material world. Despite Fibromyalgia and being a few years  older the fact that I can still achieve goals shows that we are not just a body.  We are a compound of our mind, soul and body connected with the universe. The part of God within ourselves is what I call Ironsoul. 
I thank God for giving the lessons that I needed to get to this point of personal growth and physical energy. Some of those lessons were hard and painful but it was exactly what I needed to develop and really appreciate this journey through life. 
I thank my daughter for being in this process  alongside with me learning also about this knowledge and becoming an amazing beautiful being whom I am very proud of. 
Silvia thank you so much for being an excellent trip partner and a great student that helped me so much. You make me feel so proud. 
And finally I am thankful for my Ironsoul students who give me the inspiration and energy to wake up everyday even when I have pain. You guys fuel my Ironsoul. 
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