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Friday, September 13, 2019

From fibromyalgia to Ironman Hawaii 2019.

In this video I share my story as a thyroid cancer survivor and fibromyalgia patient to qualify Ironman Hawaii in Kona 2019. In this process the #ironsoulwellbeingprogram was born to help all those who want to love physical activity and release stress, along with those who suffer chronic conditions. This is the training of a sport’s teacher and life coach to inspire the world on the path of health and emotional wellbeing. 
You will see how many people of Team Ironsoul that didn’t run or did any sport were able to achieve marathons, ironman triathlons and other goasl under my guidance.. 
If you or your relatives are looking for a #sports instructor who has  experience with pain management and emotional  intelligence contact me:

Estela Ortiz .

ASFA personal trainer. Ironman athlete and marathoner.
ICF Personal coach.

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  1. This represents a major leap forward in the treatment of fibromyalgia because it is an attempt to first identify the specific dysfunction and then to restore brain function to normal fatigue and dizziness

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