Inspirate y liberate de cancer, fibromialgia, depresión, fatiga, etc. Rompe con el dolor emocional para controlar el dolor físico crónico.
Yo no acepto estas condiciones en mi cuerpo nunca más y quiero compartirte como.
Te guiaré en el camino de descubrir y confiar en tu poder interno.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


En Tecpan una region remota en la montañas de Guatemala se se llevó a cabo la carrera atlética  a campo traviesa Tecpan30K, la cual se realizó el pasado 26 de Abril, quiero compartir con ustedes estos momentos de inspiración y felicidad.

 This was the opening of TECPAN30K off road race.

 This was a beautiful yoga session with the competitors and stuff of the race.
It was a tribute to de unity of the nature and the different cultures of the world, just as the ancient Mayas used to do. With this meditation I was able to feel connect my body with this beautiful land and the competitors, Jennifer did an amazing job.

My chirunning instructor and a profesional runner and I,
founded a new challenge: Boston Marathon to Tecpan30K in
Just 6 days recovery, he made an outstanding time of 2;32 in Boston
and he was the first American in Tecpan30K.

The power of the meditation and my life lifepurpose got me a reward.
Second place Master Female Overall.

This group is the source of energy in every week training.

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